Hummingbird? Ring-necked duck Ring-necked duck White-crowned sparrow (F) White-crowned sparrow (M)

Lesser goldfinch Mockingbird Gambel's quail Gambel's quail California gull

American white pelicans & western grebe Brown pelicans immature Ca gull? Great egret; Great blue heron Great blue heron

Black-necked stilt Great egret Brown pelicans Brown pelican Western gull

Phainopepla Ring-necked duck Ring-necked duck Anna's hummingbird Anna's hummingbird

Phainopepla Mockingbird Black phoebe Verdin desert tracks

barrell Ocotillo Ocotillo Sunset Barrell, closeup

barrell, closeup Our badass jeep We see how to get down, but... Strata Fishhook cactus, closeup

Cholla flowers Jeep Jeep Rocks and mud Rocks and mud

Salton sea Salton sea Downtown, Salton City Salton Sea Salton Sea

Our jeep Dry wash Badlands Badlands Desert holly

Desert holly The Squeeze Juniper Canyon Juniper

Wild Owl American Coot young Coot Canyon Canyon

Font's Point from Font's Point

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