Mark's Travels

Photos from my World Tour with Mike

Vancouver BC

Boston MA

New Orleans


Toronto Ont.

Chicago IL

Topeka KA

Anchorage AK

Paris, France

Tokyo, Japan

Lyons, France

London, UK

Ann Arbor MI

Beijing, China

Atlanta GA

Peoria IL

Mike was totally addicted to coffee, and he loved Starbucks. When he first got sick, and was still able to walk with a cane, we went downtown to tour the new Vancouver library. Later, we had coffee across the street and as I took this photo of Starbucks crest with the library in the background, Mike was thinking out loud. "The great thing about Starbucks", he said, "is it's the same the world over. You can go to Starbucks in Paris and get the same mocha latte that you'd get in Washington DC". "Yea", I answered, "and even their sign is the same."

"Somebody should do that" Mike replied, "make up a web page with Starbucks signs from different countries. Looking at the sign, you wouldn't even know if it was from Starbucks Moscow or--".

"It could even be the same photo!" I shouted, and we laughed and laughed, spilling our coffee all over the table.

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